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Supervisor Superstar Bundle

NOW $449.00
Are you ready to start supervising??? 

It's so much more than just observing a tech work with one of your clients. It takes SO much time and prep-work to provide quality supervision, but all of that can be avoided with this AMAZING bundle. You'll get all the tracking documents you could want, a BCBA-specific planner to keep everything organized, a CEU on providing great supervision, and an entire curriculum for your supervisee to follow throughout the supervision process (answers & teaching tips included)!

This bundle includes: 

6-Month Online Supervision Curriculum Access ($300 value)

  • 100% online access to 30 task-list specific units which contain: 
  • Vocabulary terms 
  • Topic-specific teaching material
  • Hands-on client assignments
  • Journal reviews, podcast reviews, and/or conference reviews 
  • Comprehensive assignments
  • Feedback summary forms for each unit 
  • Final mini-mock exams for each of the 4 sections 
  • Due date and grade tracker 
  • Supervisor & supervisee evaluation form
  • Supervisor guide with teaching tips 
  • Task list item reference for each unit 
  • Correct answers for all comprehensive assignments and mini-mock exams 

3-Month Pro-Level Behavior Crew Membership ($75 value) 

  • Live Webinars 
  • Podcasts with CEU's 
  • Supervision Resources 
  • Assessment Tools 
  • Monthly Therapy Material Bundles 
  • Private Facebook Collaboration 
  • Resource Sharing 
  • Monthly Q&A's 
  • and more!

5th ed Supervision Package ($150 value) 

  • Everything you need stay BACB compliant and succeed in supervision including:
  • 5th ed Supervision Experience Hour Tracker
  • Competency Evaluation
  • Supervision Evaluations
  • Deposit Balance Sheet
  • Supervision Note
  • Plus two BONUS documents: Supervision Contract & 4th to 5th ed Task List Comparison

Masterclass: Exceptional Supervision ($203 value)

  • Duration: 4 hrs
  • Credit: 4.0 supervision CEU's 
  • Presenter: Melissa Druskis, M.S., BCBA, LBA 
  • Description: This Masterclass is for BCBA supervisors who are juggling their caseloads, paperwork, AND providing effective supervision to BCBA/BCaBA supervisees. The Supervisor Masterclass gives you the training and tools in 4 practical modules to provide high-quality supervision in half the time with zero effort that you can put in place TODAY!

CEU: Soft Skills of Supervision ($19.50 value)

  • Duration: 1 hr
  • Credit: 1.0 supervision CEU 
  • Presenter: Melissa Druskis, M.S., BCBA, LBA 
  • Description: This live webinar will go over the article “The Softer Side of Supervision: Recommendations When Teaching and Evaluating Behavior-Analytic Professionalism” by Natalie R. Andzik and Michael P. Kranak published in Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice (2021). We will review the steps needed to ensure we teach and evaluate soft skills and expand on ways we can implement this in our supervision practice.

Behavior Analyst Planner: Professional Edition ($75 value)

  • Spiral-bound 6-month planner with fill-in-the-date monthly and weekly views 
  • Personal/professional behavior tracking 
  • Monthly client summary sheets to track progress, hours, and more (16 per month) 
  • Monthly quick behavior technician evaluations (20 per month) 
  • End of month summary for clients AND techs 
  • Notes pages

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Don't forget this!

Only $190 $100!
Assessment & Report Writing Tools 
Don't re-create the wheel while you have SO much else to work on! This add-on will give you all the templates and tools you'll need for assessments and report writing. 

  • Initial Evaluation Template 
  • Re-Evaluation Template 
  • Parent Interview 
  • Assessment Templates 
  • Assessment Scoring Calculators 
  • FBA Resources 
  • Behavior Definitions and Guides 
  • Behavioral Interventions 
  • Risk/Benefit Analysis 
  • Treatment Goal Writing Guide 
  • DSM-V Guide

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