Masterclass: Parent Assessment & Training
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Do you have parents that don't buy-in to your treatment recommendations?

Are parents only doing a fraction of the hours you recommend?

Are there just some families that you find difficult to work with?

Have you given up on parent training...or wish you could?

Parent training can be a challenge for even the most experienced BCBA, but this masterclass will make it EASY!
Presented by: Melissa Druskis, M.S., BCBA, LBA
Credit: 4.0 CEUs (BACB)/ 4 CEU's (QABA)
When: Available RIGHT NOW!

This masterclass will cover
  • Parental burnout and how it affects your parent training
  • An analysis of different parenting types and how to best work with them
  • How to assess parent ABA skills using structured methods and create individualized goals based on those results
  • How to lead engaging parent meetings that increase buy-in and carrier over of your goals to the home and community

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Parent Assessment of Behavioral Concepts 
Now with immediate digital access!!!

Get this assessment and goal book right now for a HUGE discount to have a structured method for assessing your caregivers skills and knowledge of ABA which will direct match up with pre-written goals!

Don't just blindly follow a parent curriculum regardless of the caregiver's needs or skills! We don't do that for our clients, why do it for our parents?

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